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What kind of material can be used for the chicken floor?

Concrete floors and well-plastered bricks on the walls for ease of cleaning. For roofing use, asbestos or the metal sheets painted white to reflect heat.

What causes broilers to die on their backs with legs up?

Ascites causes birds to die on their backs. It is a condition that causes death in fast-growing birds and it is associated with inadequate supplies of oxygen and poor ventilation.

What is the most common disease in broilers?

They vary with age and environment but broilers are prone IBD, IB, Newcastle, and coccidiosis.

What time of the year is the best for broiler production?

With good management and proper housing, broiler production is profitable all year round.

How many kgs of feed are consumed by a broiler chicken up to slaughter?

With National Foods Stockfeeds and with good management work with 500g of starter crumbles, 500g grower crumbles, 1000g grower pellets, and 1500- 1700g finisher pellets per bird depending on slaughter weights.