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Nutritional Approach, Service & Certification

Nutrition and Quality Assurance

National Foods Stockfeeds has a highly competent Technical Team that is dedicated to our production processes to manufacture products of superior quality. The team includes animal nutritionists, laboratory analysts, engineers and quality assurance experts.

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Quality Assurance Department

In order to mitigate the risk of producing and supplying substandard products, National Foods Stockfeeds has a Quality Assurance Department that is centred on continuously monitoring the quality of the incoming raw materials and finished products to guarantee customer satisfaction and product safety.

The department has a laboratory that is fully equipped with modern machinery that is serviced regularly to enable accurate analytical testing for key parameters such as crude protein, calcium, fat, and ash. Some of the equipment includes the NIR machine for quick tests on raw materials and finished goods. This machine makes it possible for tests to be carried out during production; thus guiding production to ensure that product quality is met throughout the production process.

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Feed formulation

Customers can be confident that National Foods Stockfeeds products are scientifically formulated. All feeds are developed after thorough research has been done and trials have been conducted to ensure that the feed performs to the farmers expectations. The highly skilled Nutrition team is always on the lookout for advancements in the animal nutrition field and is quick to adopt any new technologies and methods that result in better profits. Our feed is formulated using the best cost feed formulation, providing animals with all the nutrients required for growth and production, at a cost that is affordable for both large and small-scale farmers.


The National Foods Stockfeeds Division implemented a Quality Management System in 2016 based on the international standard, ISO 9001: 2015. The Quality Management System is a business management tool that all National Foods Stockfeeds personnnel use to maximise the philosophy of, "Doing the right things, in the right way, first time, every time!"

This allows us to consistently satisfy our customers, who are the primary reason for our existence. This system ensures that we maintain a defined process to capture customer requirements which are then implemented into the appropriate products/services. It also ensures that our deliverables remain in conformance with our customer's requirements. Lastly, this system tool provides management with hard performance data that can be used to prevent any potential future system, process, and/or product failures, thereby driving continual improvement.

Flow Chart of Processes

Stockfeed Production Process Flowchart

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